Merry Christmas 2012 from Adrian Peterson and Purple Jesus Diaries

Adrian Peterson Santa

This photoshop is easily the best thing I have ever done in my entire life, and I want you to have it for Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Adrian Peterson and Purple Jesus Diaries. I mean, I'm pretty sure Peterson wants you to have a special day today, even if he hasn't explicitly stated as such, but he's such a good dude I know it's true. I DO know that I want you to have a good day though, whether you're celebrating the birth of Purple Jesus or just enjoying the day off with family and doing other stuff since you actually celebrate a different holiday. If that's the case, you better apologize to Purple Jesus though, because he allowed himself to get drafted to the Vikings to forgive your sins. That's how this works.

Either way, enjoy the day. Get off the internet unless you really need to escape the extended family. Thanks for stopping by all the time and keeping me company, cheering on the Vikings, and generally being fantastic internet people. We appreciate it.

As a bonus, here's another Adrian Peterson/Jesus/Purple Jesus related internet picture. Good stuff.

Purple Jesus


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