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Hold On To Your Butts: Christian Ponder Might Be Good

Christian Ponder

You know how your mom would always tell you never to trust a frothing pedophile in an unmarked white van promising you candy while playing pocket pool? And yet you did so anyway, and he was a really nice guy and you got a perfectly safe lollipop out of the deal? Yeah, it didn't exactly happen like that to me either, but the message remains; you probably shouldn't trust random people when they tell you things. And yet here I am.

From the SUPER reliable source on Twitter called Joshua Gleason (who I had never heard of before I saw this string of information), we have found some very encouraging statistics relating to Christian Ponder. For reference, yes, this is THE SAME Josh Gleason that is the Western Illinois football TV color commentator, and who also … writes for … Bleacher Report? Ah shit … I should scrap this whole article. Too late. Here's his first tweet about Ponder:

Josh Gleason Tweet

Hey, damn. That's pretty good, right? I mean, REAL quarterbacks probably do that, correct? Cool! I never would have thought we'd get that from Ponder, let alone ANY Vikings quarterback.

But wait, there's MORE!

Joshy Gleason followed up with the next round of tweets:

Josh Gleason Tweet

Well! OK! Vikings in the playoffs? I never! I am excite!

Josh Gleason Tweet

OK, knock it of Joshfro. Now you're just blue balling me.

Eh … I'm not exactly sure that's how the math works in this case, especially since you can't just take football stats like this in a vacuum, but whatever, take my next two paychecks from Bloguin and dump it all on the Vikings to with the Super Bowl in Vegas. I'll totally win $25!

In all honesty though, Ponder has played well this year. Outside of his two boners last game (I meant interceptions, people!), he's been pretty much flawless, and not only has managed the game, but has gone above and beyond in many instances to make sure the Vikings actually win some too. The team has often put him in such craptastic positions that he's had to bail them out with last minute drives, touchdown throws, and the like. That's solid work, pony boy. I like it.

I guess the real question though is can he get us into the playoffs and then to the Super Bowl? Playoffs, I say yes. Shit, Tarvaris Jackson and Gus Frerotte got us to the playoffs, too. A guy with a chiseled chest like Ponder can easily do the same. Super Bowl? Well, that's obviously another story, but oh my god, this team … This team … It almost has the potential.

I mean, the potential as long as Ponder isn't now convinced that he can throw interceptions and still win games. Learn from that one, kid.


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