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Fan Designed Vikings Logos Make Things Feel Tingly

For many years, it was safe to say that the NFC North sported the finest looking uniforms and logos in the entire league. Seriously, name another division that had every team sporting a totally boss looking uni, complete with numerous stripes, vibrant colors, and dynamic history, with a set of bitching primary and secondary logos. You can't do it. What, the AFC West? I guess if you like lightning bolts. Ptew-ptew! Get out. NFC North rules!

Which is why it was super sad when the Vikings changed their uniforms to look like the Arizona Cardinals. Yup. Someone looked at the Cardinals franchise and thought, "We should model ourselves after them!" I know, ridiculous. Luckily, the Vikings sound like they've come to their senses and are maybe going to get new uniforms and updated logos for 2013. But the team wasn't the only person who thought the logo needed an update. So thought the guy who is in charge of the website "New Football Logos," Matt McInerney. Or, that was just my long winded way of introducing his logo redesigns for the NFC North teams. His website has a grip of awesome redesigned logos for most of the league, however, so I would recommend you check it out if this sort of stuff stiffens your pants. It does mine.

So we're going to take a quick look at his redesigned NFC North logos after the jump, and give you some quick thoughts on each. What, you think you can do better? I think not.

Detroit Lions New Logo

Detroit Lions:

What I like: The color is distinctly the Lions. As Matt says in the comments (check the right hand side bar), the logo carries an air of timelessness to it, through it's simplistic design which would transfer well to merchandise. It also almost makes you forget about that season when the Lions went 0-16, but not quite. Incorporating the "D" is a nice touch too, so you'll never forget that Detroit is full of DICKS.

What's it remind me of: The Kansas State logo. Blech.

Is it an upgrade? No way. I miss the Lions roaring already, even if it has undergone some minor changes recently to make it more cartoony and less fierce. But anything reminiscent of Kansas State would be a huge downgrade, obviously, because the Little Apple is a huge shit hole.

New Chicago Bears Logo

Chicago Bears:

What I like: In this case, I appreciate the use of negative space to help create the sense of the Bear in the logo. Also, making logos ANGRY and FIERCE is the way to go for a lot of teams (think about the Seahawks logo changes), but this one actually works. A bear with teeth?! I never! The colors remain classic, too, and actually put more of an emphasis on the white that the Bears always seem to be wearing anyway. They rock a monochrome all-white uniform like few other teams in the league.

What's it remind me of: The Chicago Cubs logo, obviously. Which is good, meaning hopefully that full about of franchise losing will rub off on the Monsters of the Midway.

Is it an upgrade? Yes. This logo is both quirky enough to stand out for me, and clean enough to actually use. Hipster shit heads would eat this up and buy patches with this logo to sew on their messenger bags and flight jackets like it was the original logo from 1894.

New Green Bay Packers Logo

Green Bay Packers:

What I like: The whole thing looks like piss and shit, which is quintessential Packers, so I can't say that was a poor choice. The block letters are also pretty classic, and I guess are reminiscent of packaging boxes, assuming that's actually where the "Packers" nickname comes from, and not actually named after a sex act.

What's it remind me of: The San Francisco Giants logo, LA Dodgers, and pretty much any other logo that intertwines with itself, including an older version of the Packers logo that this is a throwback reference too.

Is it an upgrade? I would say this one is a wash. Not because their current logo is so good, mind you. No, not at all. It's the same logo as the Georgia Bulldogs. BOO, PACKERS!! COPY CATS!! But largely also because this one just isn't as much my cup of tea as the others. No harm, no foul. It's hard to make anything Packers not cause whisky cock when someone looks at it, ya know?

New Minnesota Vikings Logo

Minnesota Vikings:

What I like: At first glance, this may not appeal to most Vikings fans, but let's break it down a bit more. There are actually lots of things to like. First, the colors used in this pallet are nice and sharp, bold and bright. I love them. Second, obviously bringing in the "M" and "V" into the design was a solid touch. The two letters work naturally with each other! Third, the Viking depicted from the lettering is pretty awesome. He's got horns that will probably slice through your gut, and a cod piece draped over his black, beady eyes that makes it look like he came straight out of Game of Thrones. And since that series is totally bad ass, this Vikings is totally bad ass.

What's it remind me of: Not a lot, actually. Am I missing something? I guess it kind of looks like our current Nike designed collars on our jersey, with the weird colored "V" that slices down around the neck. But that's about it.

Is it an upgrade? Maybe? I do think the classic Norseman, while CLASSIC, as I just said, could use an upgrade. Is this what you upgrade to? I don't think so, but this could do nicely on some occasional marketing material replacing the more script looking "M" and "V" that you'll occasionally see. I do like it, but it's probably not as universally appealing as what we already have.

New Minnesota Vikings Logo

Minnesota Vikings BONUS!

What I like: The football on the Vikings helmet. Um … The colors are just as sharp as the last one? He has yellow hair. That's about it.

What's it remind me of: A football. Because of the oval shape. And Karl Urban, for some reason.

Is it an upgrade? NOPE. We'll get there some day, don't worry.

Anyway, check out the site and let me know what else you find that you like. I kind of like the Bills, 49ers, and the Colts. Either way, fun stuff.


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