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Christian Ponder: Still (Likely) Has the Hottest Girlfriend in the NFC North

Christian Ponder Samantha Steele

When we last checked in on Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder's girlfriends (or lack thereof), we had last seen him with attractive young lass Kacie McDonnell. The two of them were quite the hot toddy (is that what the kids say?) during college, but has since gone their separate ways. Since coming to Minnesota, Ponder has been living the bachelor life, frequently saying that his girlfriend right now is football, albeit a painful girlfriend. But he's apparently been working on an alternative.

Well, now it looks like he may have found that alternate option. According to the celeb-uslut troops at Busted Coverage, everyone's favorite shirtless quarterback has been sending suspicious tweets that make it look like there may be something of special interest starting between him and ESPN anchor Samantha Steele. Busted Coverage lays the evidence out on their site, but I "borrowed" the most telling screen capped Tweet and left it for you after the jump. With additional "pictures" of course:

IT'S TOTALLY LEGIT YOU GUYS, HE WANTS TO BONE! But who can blame him. I mean look at her:

Samantha Steele

GTFO, Erin Andrews. You're Fox trash now. My captain, my quarterback, has committed himself to only ONE sexy blonde reporter, and it shall be Samantha Steele, even if they're just playing around.

However, IF this is true, Christian Ponder once again just demolishes the NFC North girlfriend/wife competition. Look at Samantha Steele and what she has to offer. ESPN personality, super white teeth, blue pants, the whole package. She could probably get us close enough to Chris Berman to pee in his coffee, too.

The rest of the NFC North? Well, Aaron Rodgers loves dudes, Jay Cutler has a baby momma now who is old and busted, and MC Stafford still has (as far as I know) that immature teenage blonde with the fake knockers. I think they're fake. If they're real, this may be a game changer, but I doubt it.

Regardless, Ponder continues to be the best quarterback in the NFC North, and I don't just mean on the field! He's scoring big off of it, too. ZING! SEX JOKES!


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