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Christian Ponder Engaged to Samantha Steele? Goodbye Vikings Wins

Christian Ponder Samantha Steele

Don't ever say Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder can't score!

In what seems like a pretty quick turn around of events, Ponder apparently is engaged to newly minted girlfriend and ESPN personality Samantha Steele. After only one month of dating, Mr. Ponder is ready to create Samantha Ponder, and maybe soon even a little Baby Ponder, who obviously will be more attractive than the Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari baby, but that goes without saying. 

While not "officially" confirmed yet, the website "Total Frat Move" (classic name) has this bit of information from an anonymous source, which is probably John Sullivan, because he seems like a guy that would read that website:

According to a source close to Steele, Ponder proposed with Christmas lights made out to say, “Marry Me.” Steele accepted, and now has an engagement ring that our source says, “Looks like a Super Bowl ring.” Ironic, considering Ponder will probably never get one.

Ouch, burn.


A couple of things here. First:

– Maybe Ponder can stop being all nervous about his upcoming engagement and just get back to playing football? At least, that would be the truth if Steele promises not to turn into a Bridezilla and stress Ponder out even more. Oh god, what have we created …

– That is such a dopey, wonderful, Christian Ponder type of proposal, if true. "Marry Me" in Christmas lights? What a nerd. I love it.

– We finally all know what he spent his rookie signing bonus on, don't we?

Either way, although Ponder has been TarVar-ing it up on the football field recently, congrats to him and his special lady. He is still a person that deserves happiness, so good for them. I just hope Ponder takes some tips from Kluwe and realizes that just because he's married, it doesn't mean he can't still show up without a shirt on occasionally. MORE SHIRTLESS PONDER PICS, BRO!


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