Roster Moves: Chilly’s Receiver Now Frazier’s Receiver
The Vikings announced Friday morning at some point that they had re-signed wide receiver Jaymar Johnson to a one year contract. This comes after a year in which the 26 year-old sixth round pick spent an entire year collecting bank on the sidelines because he was put on injured reserve after the pre-season opening game with a broken finger. Now, I may be a huge puss-bag, but I can’t imagine that a broken finger would keep a guy out of an entire NFL season. Have you ever looked at Torry Holt’s fingers? I’m pretty sure that guy has played some NFL games with a damaged finger bone or seven. Regardless, Johnson will return for at least one more year to the Vikings who, depending on the status of Sidney Rice this offseason, may need a bigger bodied receiver that isn’t a douche bag from California or who didn’t spend his entire rookie season playing quarterback instead.
SO WHAT? It’s a fair move for both sides, really. Jaymar has always been Vikings rubes training camp all-star, showing flashes of good hands, awareness, route running and legitimate potential. I think most people have been waiting for him to really have a chance to break through with the roster, but ….. you know … Childress and everything. He’d prefer having Greg Lewis and Bobby Wade and Hank Baskett and n running around flailing their clitori (I’m assuming that’s the clitoris plural form?) between the hash marks. Is it even conceivable that a player who flashes potential could make it on the field and produce? MY GOODNESS! WHAT NOVEL THINKING. Now, sure, Jaymar has only caught one NFL pass in his entire career, so what possibly could we be basing any of this potential off of? Well, as idiot fans we look at training camp, his kick returns, and preseason games and get our black silk panties in a moist mess. Is it valid? Of course not, but we can always dream. Also, Jaymar kind of looks like Randy Moss, which is probably the closest we’ll ever get to having him back-back to the Vikings now.

NOW WHAT? The only reason I really even bring this up is because (I think) it adds a bit of pressure on some of the other receivers on the roster that are being asshole bags. Squid Rice is going to have Rosenoilslick fight for a max new contract, and there is potential there he may not be back as a Viking. Bart is consistently considered not to be coming back next season, and with the continued additions of receivers to the roster that looks more and more likely. That being said, the Vikings are clearly looking to add or subtract from their receiving core in an attempt to upgrade for the future. Is Jaymar the answer? Maybe, probably not. He is 26 and despite all of his training camp flash, if he was really this talented and an all-star you figure he’d be playing consistently in the NFL. But he’s serviceable, knows the organization and coaches, and is a better filler as a body than Bobby Wade ever was.
SO SAYS PURPLE JESUS: I don’t mind this move at all. It’s low risk and benefits both parties. Jaymar is a type of receiver that could bounce around from practice squad to practice squad and never really catch on anywhere. I think Aundrae Allison is doing that somewhere. For him, it’s a chance to have an opportunity to spend another year with people he knows and for the coaches (real coaches, with brains and stuff!) to put him in positions where he has the potential to succeed, and really see what he’s got. If anything, this signing is just a re-do of Jaymar’s career, saying “OK, we didn’t give you a fair shake with Childress. He had you playing tight end (or whatever) so let’s get you straight and see what you can do.”

I feel like I’d like a re-do with several playes and games over these last four years.


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