Purple Jesus be Hittin’ that Fa’ Show

Alright, you stupid Packer fans, I’ll give you credit for digging this one up. With begrudging thanks to totalpackers.com (I wouldn’t go there, the link is just for acknowledgment sake), light has been shed on our very own Adrian Peterson’s fiance, who appears to be quite a nice lady, posed for Playboy back when she was in college and dating the all star battering ram at Oklahoma. Then, she went under the alias of Ashley Thompson, but her real name is Ashley Brown. This raises several questions. First, has anyone seen her at a Vikings game? You frequently hear about Peterson’s parents and the relationship with his father, but I’ve never heard anything about his love cushion. Anyone else? Does she hang out with ‘Toine’s wife, who I hear is crazy street? Awesome.

Second, the questions of “where are the nude photos of Peterson?” Well, he was in that ESPN Body issue a while ago, FOR THE LADIES, of course. You can find a picture here, but please don’t make me Google image search “Nude Adrian Peterson” ever again. I’d much rather search for “Nude Tayne”. Not actual nudity, by the way. Just an inside joke.

The third question is of course “Hey, a-hole, where can I get pictures of the lady?”. That answer is of course do a Google search, you lazy SOB. Or, WITH FAIR WARNING, you can look at some pictures that the repulsive Packer blog found after the jump. No boobies are shown, but … you’d still easily be fired if you looked at this at work. Just sayin’.


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