Mark Schlereth Used to Play for the Broncos Too

As the reactions of the Jay Cutler trade reverberate throughout the league, ESPN NFL “analyst” and overbearing character Mark Schlereth, who used to play for the Broncos as well, you know, has felt more than compelled to check in and offer his own view of the trade, a view that no one really was fretting to hear …

I'm gonna say something so smart ...

I'm gonna say something so smart ...

“You know what, I’ll tell you, that Jay Cutler is an overrated quarterback. Sure, he threw over 4,000 yards last year with the Broncos, a team that I used to play for, but failed down the stretch when his team was battling for a playoff spot! And instead of refocusing his efforts, being a figurehead for a team trying to start over, a great team, he whined, and pouted like a baby on the sidelines. Common, Jay, this is football, brother! And you play the most, important, position. Most important, you know, when I was in Denver we had a pretty good quarterback there, right!? He would command the team, with respect and intelligence. He had all of the intangible qualities that teams look for in a quarterback. He had composure, commanded respect, and was clutch, which is the most important and indefinable quality. Jay Cutler does, not, have these! It’s that simple! He sat, and he pouted, and he acted like a Pre-Madonna this entire offseason, instead of sucking it up, and playing some football for a team that I know a thing or two about, the Denver Broncos, a great organization.


Look, I just changed suits!

Look, I just changed suits!

Now, I’m not trying to be biased here. Sure, I used to play football for the Denver Broncos and won two Super Bowls with them, but I’m talking about Jay here as one player to the next. And let me tell you brother, the moment Jay walks into that locker room in Chicago, he’s going to be in for a surprise, let me tell you! Because you know what, they got some pretty hard nosed veterans in there already, the Urlachers, the Briggs, the Kreutzs, and if Jay thinks he’s going to walk in and get away with that kind of, kind of baloney in that locker room? Oh! He’s in for a surprise!

Jay, I’m telling ya, you need to shut up, get to camp, and play some football. If Chicago is anything like Denver, a city I used to play in, then they aren’t going to put up with your whiney attitude for long. And if the wins don’t come, look out, because we warned you. Ok? We warned you. Shut up and play! Just shut up and play Jay.

At least now we have something in common though, brother, we’re both former Broncos, am I right??”


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